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This lifestyle calculator is intended to give the user examples of different financial scenarios, based on stated assumptions and the figures inputted in same. The projected figures generated by this calculator aren’t guaranteed, are provided as an illustration only, and may vary from actual results. The calculations are estimates only and are not intended to be kept or used for any practical purpose, or as a substitute for professional.Factors such as investment earnings, wage inflation, price inflation and contributions are assumed to grow in a steady, predictable fashion, so these figures are indicative only, and changes to any one of the assumptions may have a significant effect on your projected outcomes.Leadway Pensure PFA Limited expressly disclaims all liability and responsibility to any person who relies, or partially relies, on anything done or omitted to be done by this calculator financial advice.

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Retire from Work, not from Living

Every day is Saturday for you! You live a comfortable life without major concerns about money or budgeting and can splurge on luxuries on your terms. Now is the time to make the rest of your life the best of your life surrounded by the ones you love.


Retire from work, not from life

Now is the time to enjoy all the things you have itemized on your bucket list like visiting the Bahamas for an entire month or trying out new dishes in Italy without worries of work resumption! whenever… wherever… however.


Retire from work, not from comfort

From intercontinental party hopping, to exotic family holidays all year long! The only way you’ll ever remember that you are retired is that you don’t have to go to work; the world is yours for the taking.